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The five best practices for excellent customer service

Customer Service - Lifting the WordsA new survey has revealed that 60 per cent of consumers believe that customer service has improved over the period from 2013 to 2014.

CorvisaCloud, a communications software provider, carried out the survey. They questioned 1,200 people, and almost half of those consumers stated that smaller businesses provided the best customer service. This seems to suggest that smaller companies have a great advantage because they have better opportunities to engage with their clients.

The best way to deliver customer satisfaction is to hire the best people to run all of the business’s processes. For smaller businesses, this can mean outsourcing certain core tasks, such as delegating their telephone answering service to a call centre, leaving them free to focus on elements that are unique to their offering.

It is important for a business to make a great first impression, as recent research has shown that 20 per cent of consumers will not deal with a company again if they have a poor first experience. It is vital that customer service is proactive, not just reactive. This means getting in touch with a client who has expressed negativity about a service to see if the situation can be remedied.

Operating in a space of connectivity means that all businesses should offer a consistent and seamless service through all of their marketing channels, whether they are using social media, an online store, or a high street shop.

Finally, the key to delivering great customer service is treating the customer as an individual rather than just another number, and this is achieved by developing genuine business relationships.

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