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The customer journey should become the experience

For companies across the country, tapping into their customers’ wants and need is crucial to success. All too often, call centres focus on reducing queue times, providing a wide array of self-service options and bringing average handling time (AHT) down to an absolute minimum. However, some companies have found an edge by focusing on making the journey part of the experience.

Expert Craig Pumfrey explains that Walt Disney World has managed to harness the power of modern gadgets to offer an end-to-end experience. At the Orlando theme park, a downloadable app does not try to hide queue times; instead, it tells people exactly how long they can expect to wait. There are also tickets on the go, GPS-enabled maps and digital experiences to help pass the queuing times. This shows that telephone answering services do not always need to hide facts, such as wait time. Including them in the experience instead can be beneficial.

It is no surprise to hear that Disney works to reduce consumer effort and make the entire journey as frictionless as possible. However, they do not only achieve this by speeding up the process. They also utilise technology to increase engagement and satisfaction during the experience. This is on the back of research that found that people enjoy the periods between rides and attractions. Similarly, IKEA has found that more value is placed on furniture after people have spent time building it.

For call centres that want to optimise their service, it is not all about minimising the journey time. Instead, it is making sure that every moment offers value.

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