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The benefits of a virtual PA service

A small business can benefit from the use of a virtual PA or receptionist.  This is a person who is not based at the company’s office, but at a call centre.  Calls can be diverted to this telephone answering service so that customers can speak to a real person and are not aware that they are not talking to someone at the company’s offices.  Calls are handled professionally by staff members that have been trained in the company’s products and services.

This type of service is not an expensive one.  Using a virtual PA can be more cost effective than having a full-time member of staff on-site to deal with calls.  This is a great solution for companies that are just starting out as more time can be given to promotion and work rather than handling calls.

Using a virtual PA service means that most calls for an individual company will be taken by just one person.  Customers will have the chance to build a relationship with both the company and the person taking the call, making it a much more friendly service.  Messages can be passed back in the form of email or SMS and as there will be regular contact between the virtual PA at the call centre and the client it is not a nameless and faceless person handling the calls.

These services can be offered 24 hours a day or as and when needed, so that it is tailored to the needs of the client.

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