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The backtrack on call centre offshoring

Recent years have seen an increase in the amount of businesses backtracking on their cost-cutting measure of moving to offshore companies offering call centre outsourcing facilities, and instead are returning to the call centres of the UK. Companies are still choosing to free up time by instructing an outsourced call centre but the geographic location of these call centres is becoming increasingly important.

Customers spoke with their feet when businesses all over the UK turned to cheaper offshore call centre solutions and it wasn’t long (probably around the end of the financial year!) before these businesses realised their mistake and starting retreating back to UK shores.

It didn’t take long for businesses to realise what was happening. Focus is now moving away from cost-led decisions based on the cheaper staffing costs available in other parts of the world and businesses are instead acknowledging the brand damage incurred by poor levels of customer service and consumer frustration.

Once a brand has been damaged through a poor choice of outsourcing partner, it is costly to repair – making the right decision longterm has never been more important.

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