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Text channels now contribute towards 20 per cent of incoming engagement

Laptop & MobileOver the past few years, the traditional call centre method of voice calls has diversified, with businesses having to embrace the modern culture of social media and webchat. As a result, the contribution to inbound interactions from text-based channels has increased to almost 20 per cent. This figure is expected to grow in the next couple of years, and telephone answering services must prepare themselves accordingly.

One of the reasons believed to be responsible for the increase in text-based engagement is the rising dominance of Generation Y. Eighty-five per cent of these individuals utilise their smartphone as a main method of communication. This means that messaging, email, and social interactions are only a tap away. The growing tendency to use phones in this manner means that the traditional default telephone channel is likely to be surpassed by text.

Paul White, the chief executive of mplsystems, explained: “Whilst voice remains an essential part of customer service, businesses need to be focusing their attention on the future and how they will provide high levels of customer service across channels such as chat, social and mobile. Therefore businesses need to be focusing on how they will handle the increase in text-based customer service by looking at text-based self-service solutions.”

Mr White added that call centres can utilise automated text customer care options to blend assisted live response with self help, enabling consumers to get the best service possible.

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