"Ever since I started at GoResponse, they've been incredibly supportive. We've got onsite training facilities, which means I'm always getting coaching and developing new skills."

Ticket Hotlines

From small niche events to world tours by internationally renowned acts; GoResponse has the experience and technology to handle support for both ticket sales, and post sales customer service. 
When a major UK artist made an unplanned announcement that he would play an additional date for free, GoResponse was on hand to provide ticket hotlines for fans taking advantage of this gesture. Often responding to continually changing information; the client was delighted at the flexibility and speed of response to ensure the ticket-buying public were kept informed and served effectively every step of the way.
Choose from a range of solutions that meet your requirements:
  • Ticket Sales – Handle multiple ticket types and seating locations, in multiple venues around the world. Payments taken by credit card at time of the call
  • Merchandise Up Sell – Present special offers on artist merchandise or travel and accommodation packages to purchasers
  • Special Needs – GoResponse’s extensive experience means that fans with special needs can be expertly catered for
  • Deliver Added Value Campaigns – Special campaigns have been devised to maximise revenue from the events and provide fans with added value
  • Post Sales Customer Service – Expect the unexpected! From postal strikes to short notice withdrawal of venues or acts; the unexpected can provide intense requirement on your staff. Through email and telephone support, purchasers’ expectations can be managed intelligently

By choosing GoResponse, you can benefit from:

  • Real Time Sales Information – See how your campaign is performing in real time from the comfort of your own desk. You’ll be in control and fully informed from the moment your campaigns go live
  • Experienced Agents – The agents handling your calls are experienced staff who are passionate about delivering the right results for our clients
You can benefit from a company that wishes to partner with clients, rather than just be “another supplier”. Perhaps you’ll be surprised by the passion for your business that you’ll experience.
To find out more, call 0800 043 0443 or contact us by email or or feel free to chat with us online.

The set up has gone well, I look forward to an equally good ongoing service relationship.

Roger Dixon, Paraductus