"I think that ultimately, the benefit of using GoResponse is that we take the pressure off of our clients, leaving them free to focus on the important day-to-day activities of running their business."

Product Recall Support

Product recalls by their very nature are unexpected and can create a huge upheaval on current resources and pressures to maintain the brand image.

GoResponse have worked with several companies in handling the response that is created from campaigns aimed at helping affected purchasers to remedy the issues at hand – whether it be allocating engineering resource through appointment setting, despatching email or mailed instructions and apologies – or simply taking accurate information via phone, email or web response that is sent to the client to manage through their own CRM system.
The key requirements from a service provider such as us are agility, capability and experience. With such a requirement as a product recall, it is essential to react immediately but also to consider how response handling can be utilised with technologies and other systems to reduce the cost burden that can be such a threat in these situations. GoResponse will work with you to:
  • Advise on resource requirements
  • Advise on media planning and customer contact management
  • Liaise with all interested parties, from the PR department through to the engineering services or fulfilment provider
  • Understand the overall result sought and make best recommendations to achieve this with maximum efficiency and haste
  • Provide access to a network of other best of breed service providers, such as fulfilment or telecom services

Product recalls are unplanned so often the internal contact centre capabilities of an organisation can be stretched to accommodate such a need. GoResponse will work with you to ensure that your customers receive the service ethos that your business is built on, whilst minimising the cost burden.

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The set up has gone well, I look forward to an equally good ongoing service relationship.

Roger Dixon, Paraductus