"GoResponse is a great company to work for. We've got a gym, a TV room and always have team building trips. I think that's why we have so many long term staff."

Media Advertising Response

From a complex series of advertising campaigns across multiple media, to interactive TV gaming or single channel advertising response, you can be assured that with our media & advertising response service your return on investment will be maximised.

When you’ve invested heavily in promoting your product or service you need a rock-solid partner to complete the package. Choosing GoResponse is the low risk choice as we give you:

  • 24 hour service – ‘round the clock’ response means it’s easy to be there when potential clients call
  • Feel connected – you can view your campaign’s results in real time, so you know that you’re in control and can even make changes in real time
  • Hot leads redirected – using the qualification criteria that you provide, we can identify potential customers who are of special interest and redirect them to you through a different channel (e.g. put through directly to your sales team)
  • Accurate information gathering – potential customer information is captured accurately by using postcode look-up software and data cleaned ready for import into your systems
  • Clear feedback – trace not only conversions but also the reason potential customers did not convert. Providing a fuller analysis of your current campaign means planning the next campaign is easier and more productive
  • Multimedia response – now you can choose between a wide range of response methods including email, sms, fax & postal response coupons. We’re happy to process all responses to your campaigns.

Like to get started or find out more? Please call free on 0800 043 0443 or contact us by email or or feel free to chat with us online.

What a great help to my business. I didn't realise what a drain on resource fielding the phone calls was until we employed GoResponse!

David Galvin, Papa Johns