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HR & Absence Management

Reduce your employee absence by 30-60% with our unique Absence Line service. Our “feature rich” HR & absence management service is easy to implement and can start delivering a real ROI from day 1.

Providing your employees with a centralised, impartial absence reporting and management system will return to you the real information about employee absence, along with visibility of the real issues that cause absence – but are often not discussed.

  • Compassionate call handling – your employees’ calls will be treated with impartiality and understanding
  • 24/7 Absence reporting – provides visibility and management control of absence, especially in sections of the business that are critically effected by staff absence (e.g. night-time production)
  • Solution “in a box” – Easy to implement, this tried-and-tested solution is flexible enough to capture and report all the information that your organisation needs
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics – your employee data is submitted to you in clear formats, with analytic data to help quickly make sense of the key trends and insights from the raw information recorded
  • Full call recording – digital quality call recordings ensure that if a dispute arises then the facts of the matter are presented without distortion

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