"It's important for our clients to have consistency when it comes to the people working on their account. We all have set clients, meaning that we get to know their businesses in more detail each time we pick up the phone."

E-commerce Customer Support Lines

Staying open 24 hours a day just became simple!

Not only does our ecommerce customer support mean that you can be there for new sales orders, but you can also provide your existing clients with total post-sales care ’round the clock’; setting you well ahead of your competition.
Don’t gamble with who greets your potential customers, choose a flexible solution that’s tailored around you and understands the realities of the ecommerce marketplace.  Choosing GoResponse is the low risk choice as we can handle all of the below:

  • Credit card processing – from initial enquiry to closed sale; let your revenue grow even when you’re not there!
  • Create confidence – being open 24 hours a day provides assurance that not only is your business reliable but you’re willing to go that “extra mile” to care for your customers – putting you well ahead of the competition
  • Increased average order value – there’s nothing as compelling as liking the person you’re buying from! Your customers will be delighted with the buying experience and will be far more open to the up sell and/or cross sell opportunities that they’ll be presented with – many clients report 20-25% higher average order value compared with web only orders!
  • Dramatically reduce basket abandonment – allow your customers to reach for the phone rather than abandon the sale when it comes to putting their money on the line
  • Sales trained operators – your completed sale is our business! Staff become “your operators” who are passionate about your customers successfully placing their order
  • Red carpet treatment – once you’ve gained a new client we can help you keep them by providing the best after sales customer care. From delivery enquiries to accounts queries, we can be your first point of contact and resolve many issues on the first call
  • Easy service set up – we’re here to help you every step of the way
  • Feel Connected – See LIVE sales stats anytime day or night

Like to get started or find out more? Please call free on 0800 043 0443 or contact us by email or or feel free to chat with us online.

What a great help to my business. I didn't realise what a drain on resource fielding the phone calls was until we employed GoResponse!

David Galvin, Papa Johns