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GoResponse Continues To Innovate With The Launch Of New Website

At GoResponse, we’re continuing to go from strength-to-strength. 2011 saw our market leading telephone answering service expand into brand new premises on the Kent Science Park and grow our staff headcount to over 100. So far the first half of 2012 has seen us continue our investment in technology and infrastructure by launching a brand new website.

Offering much more flexibility than our previous site, GoResponse.co.uk is now split into two areas – one for smaller businesses and one for corporate clients.

Mark Kirby, MD of GoResponse, commented on the launch of the new site:

“Whilst our old website had served us well in the past, we felt that it was no longer fit for purpose. We wanted something that was more user-friendly and easier for visitors to navigate their way around. We looked at how some of our competitor sites were set up as well, and we felt that none of them really made it simple for customers to find the service that would be right for them.”

“We made a decision to make a significant investment into the site, and overhauled it completely. It wasn’t just a case of slapping on the new logo so that it reflected our new branding – we wanted to create a showcase for our services to make it easier for businesses to see which would be most beneficial for their organisation. We have also added a number of additional features, such as the option for customers to instantly launch a ‘web chat’ with one of our staff.”

The website overhaul is just one aspect of GoResponse’s investment in technology. We have channeled over £100,000 into our new offices, and part of this was ensuring that every single member of staff was set up with dual-screened computers, making it easier for our operators to interact with both internal and external systems. Mark discussed this investment and the potential for future expansion:

“We have invested a lot of money into both our premises and our technology to ensure that we always remain on the leading edge of what is out there. Our goal is to deliver unparalleled customer service, and ensuring that our operators have the best technological tools in place is a huge factor in doing this.”

“We have also invested in a training room, which is used specifically to ensure that all staff receive comprehensive guidance and coaching to get them to reach the high level of customer service that we guarantee our clients. As we have the potential to expand our team by another 30%, it is important that we have the facilities to bring all new starters up-to-speed efficiently.”

In order to celebrate the launch of the new website, we are offering new customers the chance to trial their message taking service for free. On average businesses miss around 20% of their calls, and each call could potentially be new business that they are missing out on. Mark spoke about the free trial and the reasons behind it:

“No matter how big or how small a business is, existing customers will soon lose patience if their calls are not picked up and new prospects may not call back a second time. In fact, research suggests that prospective customers are hesitant to leave voicemails, and if you don’t pick up, you can be sure that your competitors will!”

“The reason for the free trial is that we’re confident that any business who tries our message taking service for a week will see the benefits straight away. And when we say free trial, it’s just that. There are no hidden costs or obligations to continue, if at the end of the week you haven’t seen any benefits to your organisation, then you can just walk away and it won’t have cost you a penny.”

To arrange your week’s free trial of the message taking service, email sales@goresponse.co.uk or call 0800 043 0443.


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