"It's important for our clients to have consistency when it comes to the people working on their account. We all have set clients, meaning that we get to know their businesses in more detail each time we pick up the phone."


  • What if I don’t have an office but I don’t want my callers to know?

    We can be your “virtual receptionist,” your “marketing department” or your “customer service centre” – whichever you prefer!
    Callers don’t need to know that some or all of your calls are being diverted to us.

  • How do I set the service up?

    We provide you with a unique telephone number. You can then either publicise this number to your customers and in your advertising, or simply divert your current number to this line.

    Standard BT services allow you to divert and un-divert your phone simply by using the keypad. Once diverted, all calls are answered courteously, professionally and of course in your name by our trained staff.

  • Can I decide when to divert my calls to you?

    Yes. You can either divert all your calls to us, calls that are unanswered after 15 seconds, or calls made when your line(s) are engaged. You can divert and un-divert calls as many times as you wish during the day.

  • What happens out of office hours?

    Out of office hours you can either stop diverting your number to us, or else have your calls answered by your personal voicemail.Your voicemail box will have a greeting personalised for your company, which you may change as often as you require.

    If you decide in the future to upgrade to a 24 hour service then we can make that easy for you – just speak to your account manager about this.

  • How do I receive my messages?

    There are a number of options and we can tailor the service according to your specific needs. You can choose whether we forward messages to you by email or text message.You can also decide whether to receive your messages in ‘real-time’ or by daily summary reports.

  • What happens if more than one person rings at the same time?

    We ensure that we have enough operators available to handle all calls. Our average response time is under 10 seconds. Our target is to answer 80% of calls in less than 20 seconds. In fact, on average, we exceed 90% of calls being answered in less than 20 seconds.
  • Why shouldn’t I just divert my calls to a mobile number?

    You have to pay for the cost of a call from the landline to the mobile. If the call is 7-8 minutes, it’s probably cheaper for us to take the message and for you to follow it up! Mobiles also lose reception and are an unreliable way of handling new business enquiries. if you are in a meeting, you will typically have your mobile turned off. With over 70% of callers refusing to leave messages on voicemails, you could be losing business to your competitors.

  • Can you handle large call volumes?

    Absolutely. We have up the ability to handle 1000’s of calls a day, every day of the year. We currently provide call handling services for many household brand names. Please see our Corporate Services section, or call on 0800 043 0443 if you’d like us to handle in excess of 3000 calls per month.
  • How do I divert my phones?