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Buzz Bureau – FAQs

What is Buzz Bureau?

Buzz Bureau is the new social contact centre service from GoResponse. As the traditional contact centre model evolves, customers are increasingly communicating with businesses via social media, as opposed to through more traditional channels such as a call centre.

Ultimately, the Buzz Bureau service enables us to produce and distribute content to populate your social media profiles. We have relationships with journalists and PR agencies that work with us to produce content that thrives online.
Furthermore, we can moderate comments on your company’s social media pages, and respond or escalate these to you as appropriate. This can help you to quickly identify complaints and recommendations via social media.

Why does my business need to be on social media?

Social networking is the fastest growing behaviour online – people are choosing to communicate not only with their friends, but also with businesses and brands via social media. This means that it is changing the way in which your customers communicate.

Previously, when your customers wanted to talk to you about a product or service, or had a complaint about your customer service delivery, they would pick up the telephone. Now, they can share their feedback with all of their online connections, and your entire online fan base. Forward thinking businesses are increasingly coming to understand the importance of providing customers with a modern and easily accessible online platform to give feedback and facilitate discussions.

Right now, people are talking about your business online; businesses that ignore this are doing so at their peril.

I don’t even have a Facebook page or a Twitter profile – can you set these up for me?

Certainly; we offer a profile set-up service to all of our clients. We can create your company Facebook page, company Twitter handle, and company LinkedIn page, and then work with you to keep these profiles up-to-date.

We have experience of working with organisations from a range of industries and sectors to establish their social media presence, which combined with our copywriting experience, helps to ensure that your profiles excel on social media.

My business is only small, is it really relevant when my customers are all local?

When your business relies on custom from a certain area, social media is a really useful way to build an online community surrounding your business; encouraging your loyal customers to recommend you and discuss your products and services.
Furthermore, there are numerous regional forums and communities in which you can share information about your business.

I already have a Facebook page and I don’t do anything with it. Why should I start now?

For every business, word of mouth recommendations are important. An active Facebook page can be a really valuable way of capturing customer recommendations and feedback on your products or services.

Now, when someone recommends you, they can recommend you to your entire online network.

Where do you get the content for my social media pages? How do you know what to write about?

When we start working with each of our clients, we take the time to work out what is important to their business. We can produce content surrounding the latest industry news, company news and updates, and any promotions that you might be running.

In terms of content generation, we can be as proactive as you need us to be. We have ongoing relationships with journalists and PR agencies, and are able to produce content surrounding your industry and specialism.

How do you charge for the Buzz Bureau service?

There are three levels of the Buzz Bureau service, offering different quantities of posts and interactions. This means that you can choose the level of service that is most appropriate for your business.

We charge one-off fees for the set-up of your social media profiles, and then all content management services are charged on a monthly retained basis. Click here to view our rate card.

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