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Buzz Bureau – Social Media Services

Would you ignore a customer that walked into your office?

We didn’t think so! Yet so many businesses are ignoring their customers online.

If you’re a forward thinking business that is aware that your company should be leveraging social media to reach out to customers, but you don’t have the time or internal resources to get started, then Buzz Bureau can help.

Social media is changing the way that your customers communicate. It’s the world’s largest focus group, and conversations about your company are taking place – with or without you:

  • Are your Facebook posts engaging your target market, or are you posting because you felt obliged to jump on the social media bandwagon?
  • Are you sharing relevant objective content, whilst still embedding the necessary “calls to action” to ensure that the activity is effective?

Buzz Bureau has been designed with your business in mind. We’re customer service experts, and understand that you want to provide customers with a modern and easily accessible platform to give feedback and facilitate discussions. Our service also gives you the opportunity to deal with any problems and complaints in real time and resolve them before they have the potential to escalate.

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