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Telephone channel remains most cost-effective

One expert in the call centre sector has said that telephones remain one of the most cost-effective channels open to telephone answering services. Ken Reid explained that although many consumers now expect companies to have a variety of contact channels, talking on the telephone is still the best way to sort out people’s problems quickly and efficiently.

In the modern era, people expect call centres to have social network channels, web chat, email and even text messages to bolster their phone lines. As a result, many companies have had to diversify the number of options they provide. However, the amount of money that is spent in each area has to be justified and, for the moment, telephones are still the cheapest way to provide the best consumer care.

Using public channels such as Twitter and Facebook remains a problematic area for companies, and email conversations can take a long time to resolve. Text messages are open to misinterpretation, whilst web chats have the difficulty of verifying the customer. Phone calls, however, provide a quick and easy way to respond, making them the ideal primary and secondary choice. In addition, with research showing that even call centres regarding themselves as only inbound find themselves actually conducting 40 per cent outbound calls.

Mr Reid’s views show that whilst it is imperative for call centres to diversify, the traditional telephone line must still take precedence, ensuring companies have a cost-effective way of providing customer care.

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