GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Telephone answering ticket hotline staff

When many people think of a telephone answering service, they simply think of a receptionist who can just take messages and forward them to their respective destinations. However a bespoke telephone answering service can do more than just that.

Telephone answering services can provide messaging services but they can also provide services such as:

• HR Support – absence reporting and compassionate call handling
• Media advertising response lines – multimedia response, redirection of leads, real time campaign results.
• Ticket hotlines – sales, merchandise, customer service
• Emergency response lines – integrate with existing systems, project planning, 24/7 support

Providing services such as the above needs a dedicated team of staff who will be your telephone answering experts. They will manage your business needs and adapt as necessary during times of high demand.

Ticket hotline staff

If you need a team of telephone handlers, to handle ticket sales for your event at different venues across the world, you need a team of people who you can trust to take credit card payments and respond to specific requests. You may need to integrate separate systems to do this which some telephone answering specialists can do. But most of all you need experienced agents who will be the face of your business while on the phone and so provide the level of service you aspire to achieve.

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