GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Telephone answering services with fraud detection

Businesses have to worry about fraud just like a regular person. There is a new device being launched and put to use in telephone answering service companies. This device is some software for call centres where the computer science can detect emotion in the voice of the caller. It can detect if there is any nervousness on the caller’s behalf. This can determine if there is an issue with fraud or just checking to see if the caller is upset.

Knowing the emotions of a consumer can better help the telephone answer service’s staff members in helping your customers. The device and software was created for insurance companies and other businesses that are most at risk of fraudulent behaviour. Insurance companies, for example, have to deal with fraudulent cases wherein the consumer may not have a legitimate accident or incident but still try to get the insurance company to pay out on a claim.

The new computer software is not in every call centre yet, but it is certainly something to consider if your business is more likely to suffer from fraud. As telephone answering services work to become a better company solution for you, knowing the latest options out there is imperative. It may not work for everyone, and it is still being examined by most call centres as a viable solution. However, the fact that something such as this exists means the industry is looking out for itself to better serve all consumers.

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