GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Telephone answering services for the financial sector

A number of financial institutions have chosen to opt for call centre services in other countries but this is not a popular choice with customers.  It is important to keep costs to a minimum but at the same time ensure that customers receive the right level of customer service.  Solutions for dealing with customer service can be tailored to the client’s needs and can include a number of different aspects of financial activity.  This includes credit cards, mortgages, endowments, pensions and savings as well as insurance.

Telephone answering service staff can be trained to deal with specific aspects of the financial sector.  This includes the completion of application forms and screening of applicants.  By handling the basic information needed by the organisation, financial advisors are free to deal with more important matters.  A claims handling service is also an option and staff can be trained to deal with this at every stage of the process.

By offering this type of service, operating costs for the company can be kept to a minimum.  The software systems can be integrated with that of the client.  Reporting and statistics can be done in real time, which saves the client time and always offers an accurate picture of the customer service process.  Getting started is very easy and as time goes on the needs of the client can be taken into consideration to adapt the service that is being offered.

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