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Telephone answering services for product enquiries

If your company takes regular phone calls about product enquires or to make a booking, you may benefit from using a telephone answering services instead of using a dedicated employee.

Telephone answering services can do everything a dedicated employee can do:

• Answer the phone when a client calls
• Build up a rapport with your client base
• Forward enquires to the correct people
• Handle and forward emails
• Answer product questions and take phone orders

You might think using a telephone answering service is of little use when you can have a full time member of staff instead. However, the phone may not ring constantly, you may only receive a few enquires every day and email enquires may be few and far between. So why employ a full time member of staff to do all this work, when you can get a telephone answering service to do it for you?

Modern telephone answering services offer bespoke call centre solutions for particular sectors of industry. They will be able to make sure that the person who answers the phone to one of your clients is well versed about your business, so is in the perfect position to answer relevant questions and direct specific requests.

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