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The nature of call centres is that agents are often answering calls repeatedly for hours on end.  It can often be difficult for telephone answering services staff to keep their momentum and energy levels high for the duration of their shift, leading to some periods where customer service may not be quite as good.  Battling falling energy levels is important, ensuring that all consumers receive good experiences.

Dealing with highs and lows of motivation and energy can be hard for anyone, and call centre agents often have a difficult time remaining alert and perky at all times.  Variety can often be an important factor for keeping employees happy and well balanced, and offering the chance to rotate agents through different jobs can be put to good use.  New experiences also help to push engagement higher in a workforce, and in the call centre, this can be implemented by providing agents with small tasks to undertake.  By each having a project to work on, employees will feel a sense of confidence and self achievement, and are far more likely to stay focused on the task than if they are working through the same list every day.

To truly ensure that agents are not burning out, it is important for telephone answering services managers to ensure occupancy is not at its peak.  This allows for workers to have small rests between calls, rather than having to rush to the next caller without time to gather their thoughts or look after their own health.

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