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Telephone answering service – using a bureau team

Finding the right customer service team to help to present the right image for a business is essential but not every business will need to opt for a dedicated call centre team.  If the business is fairly new then it may be that a full time team is not required because the volume of calls will not be there.  The alternative is a bureau team that will be dealing with a few clients at any one time.

One of the main advantages of a bureau team is that the agents are multi-skilled.  They offer a telephone answering service for a variety of businesses and can quickly adapt to the needs of the client.  The client will only pay for the amount of time that the team spends on the phone and there is no requirement for the client to pay a fixed hourly rate.

Once the call volume begins to rise it may be more cost effective to switch to a dedicated team, but the bureau team will be ideal at the beginning.  As this particular team is larger due to having several clients in place at any one time clients can be sure that customers will not be kept waiting on the line.

Clients also have the option of having a blended bureau and dedicated team.  The dedicated team will work at peak times, with the bureau team taking over when there are additional calls or out of office hours.

Charlie Hodge

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