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Telephone answering for ecommerce websites

For a website to sell products successfully it has to have the right mixture of navigability and ease of use. Purchasing products should be made easy and problems encountered by customers should be quickly resolved. However, many ecommerce sites don’t do this and while they may make the purchase of goods easy, too many customers who have problems find that they can only make contact with someone via an email address.

Customer satisfaction is paramount for any company to succeed and if the only contact a customer has with you is via email, it can really have a negative affect on whether they shop with you again. It’s thus imperative that alongside your email contact, you should also offer a telephone number where customers can talk to a customer services representative.

It might not however be viable for all online business to employ a person to receive phone calls. And also not possible for the company owner to do this because of their workload. For this reason, you should take a look at specialist ecommerce call handling services.

A telephone answering service will be able to pick up your phone calls and do a lot more besides. They will be able to:

• Process credit card payments
• Resolve customer queries
• Improve customer confidence
• Reduce checkout basket abandonment

You might think that because the telephone answering service does not know your business they will not be able to provide an adequate service. This is far from the truth, because the telephone answering service can provide a tailored service, where the person who answers your calls will be fully briefed about your business so will know the answer to any question posed.

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