GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Telephone answering event management

A telephone answering service can do more than just take your calls when you are unavailable. They can be your virtual receptionist, can be a sales lead generator and can cope with customers who have specific requests.

Manage your event using a telephone answering service

If you are an event organiser or are indeed organising an event of your own, you may need some help sorting out the logistics.

A telephone answering service professional can:

• Handle all your event ticket sales
• Answer customer queries
• Upsell tickets to organisations who may call
• Offer customer support
• Always be available to answer a call, day or night

If you let a telephone answering service manage your event, you will be able to monitor how your tickets sales are going and get relevant feedback from the service provider.

Experienced call centre professionals will manage all your inbound calls and can even process credit card payments for you, so that you can get on with organising your event.

Instead of just being a service you use, they can also be a business partner, who will manage your diary and will generate new business.

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