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Technology required to hide payment data

Credit Card MacroWith high levels of identity theft occurring around the world, it is becoming increasingly important for call centres to utilise software that provides a way to shield card payment data. This is the view of Syntec’s latest consumer survey, with the firm discovering that the majority of customers do not think that their payment information should be retained by companies.

Many telephone answering services have to deal with transactions. To reduce the risks of potential fraud, it is vital to shield both agents and recording systems from retaining any card information. After extending their survey to include consumers in Australia and the US, Syntec found that four fifths of people agree with the following statement: “As a general rule, I don’t think organisations should be allowed to keep my payment card details in their databases.” In fact, the concern over fraud means that 54 per cent of UK customers do not want to make phone transactions at all.

Syntec Business Development Director Simon Beeching said: “This representative survey of consumers is now in its 5th year and continues to show that the worldwide contact centre industry, in consumers’ eyes and by its own admission, is still not keeping up with demands to tackle this area of fraud and customer distrust.”

Beeching added that updated PCI DSS v 3.2 guidance makes it mandatory for senior management members to assume responsibility for compliance, even when third parties are used. This means that even “pause and resume call recording” no longer meets regulations.

To provide optimised consumer care and build brand loyalty, avoiding the negative press that comes from incidents such as a data leak is essential, and ensuring card payment information stays safe is a vital part of this.

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