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Technology proves ideal way to boost customer care quality

Service chart with red markerModern consumers demand a better standard of quality and experience than previous generations. Now, customer relationship management (CRM) tool provider Salesforce has recommended the use of technology to improve overall consumer care quality.

For call centres, there is a constant battle to keep customers happy and meet their expectations. As part of its report, Salesforce questioned more than 2,600 professionals around the world who work in customer services. The resulting “State of Service” report identified how technology can be used to improve the consumer experience. At the same time, however, modern technology is also making it harder to retain clients because it makes it so easy for people to move to competitors.

ThinkStrategies Managing Director Jeff Kaplan said: “The survey confirms a trend we’ve been seeing for a few years that the stakes for satisfying customers’ rising expectation are becoming greater every day. Companies must invest in the latest customer service technologies and adopt new customer service methodologies to meet these escalating expectations or face significant customer abandonment in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”

Salesforce’s report also showed how brands are working beyond improving their telephone answering services to do more for their customers. Seventy-eight per cent of survey participants said they believe that every staff member should now be considered a customer services agent. Even though not every firm has processes in place to help facilitate collaborative consumer care, many brands have identified this need and are working to promote this endeavour within their business. For those who want to succeed with high-quality customer services, it is vital to utilise the latest software and technologies at their disposal.

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