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Technology in call centres

Companies that are choosing to enlist the assistance of call centres to help to deal with the growing customer service needs of their business may be surprised at the technology that is available to the call centre team.  Most call centres ensure that they have the latest technologies available to them so that the best possible service can be offered to both the client and the customer on the other end of the phone.  It is also important that the technology is kept up to date.

The technologies available range from the type of software used on the computer terminals to the type of server used.  The latest antivirus software is important as without it a computer system can be brought to a halt.  As all computers are connected and may be affected by problems in the system a back-up and disaster recovery application is also a good idea.

The telephone platforms are also often top of the range as they have to meet the needs of the client.  Most will be enabled for applications such as VOIP and will offer digital recording of calls to ensure that they are good quality, as many telephone answering services will keep recordings of calls so that they can be played back later and used for training.  Voicemail systems with remote enquiry functions may also be available and there is often support for SQL Server queries in real time.  It is also often the case that a call centre has a back-up power supply in case of a power cut and can, therefore, continue to offer great service.

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