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Technology changes to aid customer services in 2014

The year 2013 has been all about providing customers with the best care possible, and for those call centres who have achieved this, great rewards have been noted.  With customers easily able to switch service providers or buy products from other companies, increasing loyalty and customer services will continue into 2014, and there are several pieces of technology that will come to the aid of telephone answering services.

Firstly, smart agent desktops are likely to see increasing use, with agents able to quickly and easily utilise a multi-channel approach to providing customer care.  Desktop applications will bring channels together and provide workers with all the data they need to ensure customers are kept as happy as possible.  In addition, with increasing availability of touchscreen-enabled desktop apps, an agent’s work will be made quicker and more interactive.

Web chat is also likely to be increasingly popular over the coming months, with the tool providing a great way to provide service, both to new and existing clients.  The channel is popular for the 16 – 30 age bracket, making it an essential tool for many call centres.

For those wanting to offer the best customer care in 2014, embracing new technology is a must.  Paul White, an expert in the area, said: “As the recovery strengthens in 2014 we’re expecting to see organisations become much smarter about how they engage with their customers.  Those that get it right in 2014 can expect to secure significant competitive advantage.”

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