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Team leaders must maintain consistency

Leadership concept, group people go to thes ame directionTeam leaders are essential in the call centre environment, providing frontline agents with support and being a guide to help workers achieve their best. However, like everyone, leaders are fallible and can sometimes actually have a negative effect on staff. One thing telephone answering services managers must strive to maintain is consistency.

It’s important for any manager to try to be the same person every day regardless of outside influences or the stress level of the job. It’s also essential to be authentic, and this means being true to a personality. Call centre employees will quickly rumble a leader who is trying to be someone they’re not, so it’s better to be honest from the start.

The contact centre environment can be a stressful place at times, with agents receiving calls from frustrated and angry consumers. Not surprisingly, this can put workers on edge. It’s at these times that clear guidance is required from team leaders more than ever. Team leaders who have remained authentic and consistent throughout their role should have gained people’s trust and be more easily able to limit the fallout from problematic phone calls as a result.

Call centres are extremely dynamic places, with each day varied and bringing its own highs and lows. As a result, there’s a need for a consistent, grounded and level-headed presence, and it’s this role in which team leaders can excel.

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