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Task allocation taking up valuable time

It is important for all firms to ensure that their teams are efficiently managed, and this means that task allocation needs to be quick so that time is not wasted.  However, a new study has shown that up to 28% of workers’ time is wasted by deciding what to work on next.  In a call centre, there simply is not this time available, and by effectively managing task allocation, telephone answering services can strive for better employee performance.

New research has shown that around 17 minutes in every hour is wasted because individuals are trying to decide which task they should work on next.  This poor allocation of time can often result in huge back ups of work and scenarios where business activity is not correctly allocated throughout a team.  For example, the German insurance company Huk-Coburg receives up to ten million calls per year.  Employees were able to pick the tasks that they wanted to complete, meaning that the most important tasks were often left until last.  The result was that seasonal changes meant huge backlogs in work, whilst some departments were deluged with work whilst others had little to do.  However, this was quickly changed and the company now has an 80% first call resolution rate.

Streamlining task allocation in the call centre environment is vital to ensure that everyone is working to peak efficiency and as little time as possible is being wasted.  Using software that prioritises workload can be extremely valuable, allowing high priority tasks to be dealt with quickly so that companies can offer peak performance.

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