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Taking control of conversations vital for agents

This year, 2013, has seen the use of call centres continue to rise as consumers seek out better customer services than ever before.  Whilst the multi-channel approach is becoming increasingly utilised, the majority of people still prefer to contact a telephone answering services centre.  Therefore, if agents are to properly do their job, taking charge of a phone call is essential.

There will always be situations within a call centre when agents need to take charge of a call and steer it in the right direction.  This may be in the case of a particularly chatty customer, or an instance where a caller’s frustration is actually preventing agents from helping.  In such a circumstance, it is important for agents to take a personal step back from a call and become a specific character to help control a call.  Assuming the role of a chat-show host, for example, can aid less confident agents in dealing with a difficult situation.

In addition, taking charge is vital when agents have to update records.  Whilst long periods of data entry should signal agents to place consumers on hold, quick updates often entail individuals trying to make small talk with callers.  However, this should be avoided if possible.  Agents should, instead, remain focused on their work and simply update a caller on what they are doing.

Taking charge of telephone calls is vital if agents are to get their work done quickly and efficiently.  By ensuring that problems are addressed right away, customer satisfaction and call handling time can be improved.

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