GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Tailor made telephone answering solutions

Bespoke telephone answering services can give your business a competitive edge at times of high customer demand or times of increased productivity.

You might need a solution that involves the taking of messages, or a solution that involves the answering customer of questions or queries. Specialist telephone answering services can provide both.

Message taking

Your telephone answering service can be your virtual PA. When you are not available to answer client calls, you can redirect them to a ‘real’ person instead of letting an answer phone take your message. The ‘real’ receptionist will be able to take a message and contact you by email or SMS to tell you who has called. This way you never have to miss a lead.

Customer queries

You telephone answering service provider can build a portfolio of knowledge about your business or can be provided with a list of questions that a customer may ask. If used often, they will build a good knowledge base concerning your business requirements, so anyone who calls will be able to receive a client focussed response. Your clients will thus never be able to tell that the person who is answering the call is not one of your employees.

It’s easy to set up a telephone answering service. And because your customers or clients are speaking to a ‘real’ person and not an answer phone, your business will prosper.

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