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Tactics for increasing customer services

Providing good customer care is one of the most essential priorities for call centres, with companies needing to do everything in their power to ensure that consumers have a good experience. Bad service can cause people to leave a brand and spread negative influence amongst their friends as well as via social media. Therefore, telephone answering services must keep standards high.

Many modern firms have ventured online. This means that in addition to boosting customer care using the traditional telephone route, steps must also be taken to provide online support. The best companies return email quickly. During operating hours, a one-hour window should be strived for, with correspondence answered before the end of the day. Clear opening hours should be provided so that people know when to expect an answer. On social media, responses need to be even quicker, with firms wanting to excel needing to contact people almost instantly.

Wherever possible, call centres with online companies should also add personal touches. Emails can be customised to suit the customer they are contacting, handwritten “thank you” notes can be posted, and promotional items can be given away for those loyal to a brand. In addition, customer care should become an ever-evolving process. This means that standard care doesn’t become stagnant, and businesses can always implement new, exciting and innovative ideas that will resonate well with their clients.

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