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Tackling staff absence important for call centres

Sick Woman. Flu. Woman Caught Cold. Sneezing into TissueEmployee absence can be a huge problem for many companies; this is especially true of call centres, many of which rely on specific levels of agents so that calls can be answered and customer service quality can remain high. Tackling absence is vital, and telephone answering services have a variety of options at their disposal to deal with the issue.

One of the best ways to ensure that employees really are sick is to phone them at home. Once an agent has phoned in saying he or she is ill, it is a good idea to make a follow-up call several hours later to the employee’s home phone number. Those who are truly ill will be home to answer the call. In addition, adding such a procedure means that individuals know they can’t get away with faking illness.

Another step for call centres to take is to utilise the Bradford Factor to determine just how problematic someone’s absence is. In a lot of cases, multiple short periods of absence are worse and more disruptive than one or two longer stretches of sickness. By using the Bradford Factor formula, executives can help identify problematic employees in a workforce.

Finally, it can be a very good idea to actually reward those who show good attendance. Yearly certificates for those with 100 per cent attendance look great on CVs, whilst a fancy lunch could be laid on each quarter for agents who have maintained high attendance rates. Alternatively, managers can reward people for not going off sick by giving early finishes or double-length lunch breaks on a set anniversary, such as three months, from their last absence.

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