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Tackle agent retention with higher remuneration and career prospects

Call Centre 2There is a notoriously low retention rate among agents in the call centre industry, and companies need to tackle this problem head-on if they wish to keep their employees engaged. Two of the best ways to drive retention rates higher are improving remuneration packages and career options.

Low salaries are not enticing to anyone, regardless of the industry they are working in. For telephone answering services staff, having low remuneration does little to positively affect job satisfaction. In addition, some people might not understand how they will get a pay rise. As a result, it is essential to clearly outline how pay increases can be earned.

Not all agents want to be promoted and are happy with their job on the floor. However, if someone has been in a role for a decade and sees everyone else getting promoted and earning more as a result, there is little satisfaction to be gained. Therefore, call centres must have a well-developed remuneration system that rewards years of service along with success and efficiency.

Some agents will want to progress, however, so it is also vital to make career opportunities clear. Many of those who started on the call centre floor rise to levels of management for some major companies, but it is still important to raise awareness about the career choices available, particularly for new starters. Providing clear and reliable information offers something to work towards and helps keep staff in jobs as a result.

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