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Sytel calls on Ofcom to rethink regulations

Business people with headsets using computers in officeSytel, a cloud computing software provider based in the UK, has called on Ofcom to rethink regulations that were brought into effect last month to reduce nuisance calls. Even though the call centre industry is on board with reducing the misuse of outbound dialling to members of the public, it has been suggested that the latest rules are too vague to be effective.

Ofcom has been one of the global leaders in seeking to reduce nuisance calls. Sytel has strongly supported the effort, often taking part in discussions regarding policy updates. Last month, Ofcom updated their rules regarding outbound dialling with a new Persistent Misuse policy statement. The rules call for telephone answering services companies to avoid misuse by, for example, seeking to eliminate silent calls.

However, for Sytel, Ofcom’s lack of precise guidelines is problematic. The regulator has made call centres aware that it is their responsibility to ensure misuse does not occur, which is indeed true for aspects such as abandoned outbound calls. However, it causes a problem for many companies when it comes to programming their dialling software to avoid persistent misuse. Without precise rules, Sytel says that monitoring is extremely difficult, leading to cases where misuse is persistently higher than Ofcom wants.

Sytel has now lodged an official letter with Ofcom calling for the updates to be reviewed. In the meantime, call centres across the country must seek to make their outbound diallers increasingly effective to avoid abandoned and silent calls.


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