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Swine Flu Call Centres Manned By Staff Who Advise On Debt Collectors


According to an article by the Times Online, the new government call centres set up to manage the Swine Flu pandemic are being manned by staff who advise on debt collections, work for the Passport Office and handle calls for corporate customer services.

Many workers have only received one day’s dedicated training before taking calls from worried members of the public.

Two former students said they had loved their first day on the hotline. “It’s great fun, a great job. It’s a real buzz when you’re helping people,” one said.

One worker, whose usual job is fielding queries for people interested in becoming teachers, said he was due to start work on the hotline after only a day’s training. “It’s intensive, so I should be all right,” he said.

Another young man said he was ready to take whatever the virus-ridden public had to throw at him. “I am a bit nervous, but I’m looking forward to it — the people you get are much more wideranging than the Training and Development Agency. And it pays better.”

Workers can expect to make about £7 an hour. Others said the hotline was little different from their regular work. “It’s the same sort of thing, isn’t it? Just answering calls, and the computer does a lot of it,” one woman said.



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