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Survey says customer satisfaction imperative

A recent survey examined telephone answering services and related it to customer satisfaction.  They also looked at reducing costs and improving overall staff morale.  The survey showed that all three factors are definitely areas that call centres are trying to improve on, with the main concern being customer satisfaction.  About 80% of the interviewed telephone answering services stated they would be addressing these three issues in the second quarter of 2012 and beyond.  In fact, improvements are something no company can ever stop implementing.  Rather, it is a matter of figuring out what will work best as an industry changes, in terms of customer access and the technology available.

You might think that call centres have conflicting requirements when it comes to reducing costs, and also focusing on customers and their own representatives; however, this is not the case.  With the latest technology out there, and virtual office options, it is possible to increase morale, reduce costs, and make the consumer feel special through more personalised help.

There are proven techniques that call centres can use to gain better performance, less stress on its employees, and increase morale.  Much of it lies in making the work environment something a person wants to work in, such as their home rather than a giant call centre building with a lot of noise and strict work schedules.

In terms of consumers, if they are taken care of via the phone in a quiet environment and with a slower, more individualized service that is more personable, they will be happier.

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