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Survey Says Consumers Trusting Banks due to Improved Communications

A new survey was released regarding UK consumer relations with banks.

Pitney Bowes Business Insight completed a study with regards to consumers and banks. They found 57% of those surveyed trust their bank. About 25% said they interact with frontline employees, meaning the counter staff members. UK consumers are loyal to their banks and roughly 56% said they are happy with their past customer experience and 28% are happy with management policies and practices. The survey also found the consumers are happier due to increased communications, customer care and staff competence.

Some of the banks are using call centres for their phone conversations with consumers. These call centres are trusted as part of the bank. The banks are also working on clarity, quality and transparency. Customer care with telephone answering services makes the consumers feel valued. The consumers are also happy with the various accounts on offer. The staff members are trained to be customer friendly, so it is imperative that they offer the same thing on the telephone. For this reason several of the banks have decided to change to UK-based outsourcing rather than overseas outsourcing.

Banks are able to improve their relationships due to better customer service. It is possible that any business could experience the same thing. What customers want is to feel appreciated. They want to know the business is going to take care of them no matter what type of business it is. Customer service is the best way to ensure they are happy.

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