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Survey reveals link between customer satisfaction and rapid query resolution

A survey by Aspect has revealed that there is a definite link between customer satisfaction and how quickly a query is resolved.

The 2011 Aspect Customer Service Trends survey was completed by individuals across Europe and found that over 76% of consumers in the UK were either very satisfied or satisfied with the quality of customer service they received.

The survey reveals a positive upturn, in that when the same survey was completed in 2007, only 55% of consumers in the UK said they were satisfied or very satisfied.

Most people who were surveyed listed secure handling of data as their most important pre-requisite, with prompt response and then friendliness of customer representative following in second and third position.

One difference between the surveys showed that more people then ever now want to use smartphone apps to access their customer service enquires.

The Senior VP of Europe and Africa for Aspect, Mark King stated:

“While the survey paints an overall positive picture for contact centre professionals it also highlights issues for organisations looking to deliver consistently high quality multinational service,

“Consumers in different European countries clearly have varying views on what constitutes good service, and different expectations when it comes to key elements of service delivery such as channel choice – and these factors must be taken into account when making key operational decisions and devising pan European service strategies.

“To continue to meet and exceed customer demands, organisations must recognise the needs of all their customers, young and old, techno-savvy and technophobe. They must also look to integrate communications channels, encourage bi-directional interactions with customers, and integrate their contact centre operations with the rest of the enterprise to ensure the correct resources are instantly available to deliver superb customer experiences.”

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