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Survey Finds Sales Focus Lacking in Contact Centres


The level of quality service delivered by the contact centre can have a significant impact on the company’s ability to gain and maintain a strong customer base. This same level of service is expected from the customer whether they are calling the contact centre for a problem or to make a purchase.

While such an approach to retaining customers is a key strategy for a number of businesses, a recent survey suggests that maybe this approach is not the best. As a result of its research, consultancy firm Huthwaite believes that a focus based purely on service could be damaging.

According to Huthwaite’s Annalise Cuthill, taking the focus away from sales is a mistake made by many companies: “Sales belongs at the heart of the business, as commercial philosophy and not a department.

If companies are to go beyond simply adding value to creating value – truly understanding customers and anticipating their needs – everyone within the business needs to appreciate their role in the sales process and how their behavior can impact positively on the bottom line,” Cuthill added in a company statement.

At GoResponse; we work tirelessly with our staff to help them understand the psychology of sales and to understand that the ability to provide a customer great experience can help generate both immediate and future revenue.

Glen Blow
Business Development Director
GoResponse Ltd

For the full story on the report see the TMCnet Website


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