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Support call centre agents to avoid burnout

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A call centre agent’s job can be extremely challenging at times, and receiving a string of calls from frustrated and angry consumers can take its toll. For firms that want to ensure their staff members are happy, it is essential to provide the right care and support.

One of the best ways to support telephone answering services agents is to provide them with the skills required to undertake difficult calls without becoming emotionally jaded. Call listening is ideal for this, with members able to actively listen in on calls instead of taking the agent away from his or her desk for role-playing. By pairing novices and experienced team members together, newcomers can pick up essential tips to help prepare for challenging customer conversations.

Another training tip is to make agents aware that reassuring noises are just as essential as words. Listening in silence can make callers believe agents are not interested or may have dropped off the line. On the other hand, making the right noises can equal a supportive head nod, helping to reassure customers that their problem is being taken seriously.

Finally, it is important that call centre agents are allowed to offer genuine sympathy from the start. This skill cannot always be learned, so it should be looked for during the recruitment process. Agria Pet Insurance, for example, asks candidates about their own pets when interviewing as a way to assess people’s potential.

Supporting and training agents correctly is vital if they are to deal with challenging calls without facing burnout. This helps maintain customer services quality levels whilst keeping staff happier.

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