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Study shows growth in popularity of email contact

A recent report has shown how important a good quality customer service policy is when using call centres, as more and more people prefer to use email to get in touch.  Call centres are adapting to the newer age by offering more methods of getting in touch than the standard telephone call.

Many businesses are offering customers the chance to get in touch via social media sites but the study shows that these are still not the favoured method of contacting a customer service department.  It is estimated that only around 2% of customers will want to get in touch via a social media site.  It is thought that one of the reasons for this is that if a customer has a serious issue or query, it is difficult to make the point in a short post.

A telephone answering service team is also able to take messages and deal with queries via email for customers.  It is not simply a question of answering the phone but offering a wide range of customer service options.  The study also found that social media sites are seen as a way of voicing dissatisfaction when their issues have not been resolved rather than the first point of contact, but it is also estimated that 80% of companies are not monitoring their social media sites.

This does not just apply to domestic customers but also with business customers.  Voice contact and email are still seen as the most direct methods for getting results as soon as possible.

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