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Studies on increased call centre usage

Surveys are showing that call centres are becoming more popular amongst businesses. There are also other outsourcing services that are being used for the benefit of companies. In fact, studies are showing that some businesses are combining call centre services with IT and back office work. They are looking to take advantage of lower office costs, long term employees with qualifications for other jobs, and decreased payroll.

Several companies have also admitted to using telephone answering services in the Philippines, rather than India or China. Filipino workers are being seen as the better option when it comes to basic employee requirements and training, due to their English skills.

Call centres are not what they used to be, even ten years ago. There has been an increased demand for better resources in outsourcing centres. This means that companies are unwilling to outsource unless they know the skills, training and employees will meet the needs of their consumers.

Consumers can still see outsourcing as the enemy since it takes jobs away from them and others in the UK; however, with the change towards call centres based in-country some of these issues have been minimised. Consumers are also recognising that better, more skilled call centre employees are answering their issues and they are getting the service they need. If you are hesitant to use call centre outsourcing you may want to consider in-country options or a country with trained English speakers over those with hard to discern accents.

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