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Student saves Virgin Media £65,000 in staff training expenses

Call centres often have to spend a lot of money training agents.  Unfortunately, the sector is notorious for its high turnover of staff, meaning that telephone answering services can put a lot of energy and money into new employees who do not necessarily stay on the payroll for very long.  As part of her degree in Leadership and Management, student Katie Carroll trialled a new induction method at Virgin Media, and managed to save them thousands of pounds in the process.

As part of her BA Honours Degree, Ms Carroll, 28, researched how call centre agents are trained and she developed a new system that streamlined people’s induction into a company and helped employees learn faster.  Explaining how she approached the challenge, Ms Carroll said “As I’d worked as a team manager, I knew that there’s a huge difference between someone who has had a good induction and someone who hasn’t.  This gave me a great understanding of how important the induction process is.  I recognised there were ways of improving the training process and my degree gave me the opportunity to explore that.”

Virgin Media’s Kelly Black said that she selected Ms Carroll to rewrite one of the company’s induction programmes, hoping that a pair of fresh eyes would find more effective methods of training.  It seemed it was the case, and now the new method will be rolled out across Virgin Media’s UK call centres.

The report indicates just how important it is for call centres to address their training methods and induction process on a regular basis, bettering staff learning and saving costs in both the long and short term.

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