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Streamline speech analytics with CallMiner Update

phone beigeFor call centres throughout the country, it is vital to remain on top of technological advancements. Now CallMiner have released an update to their Eureka Speech Analytics, allowing telephone answering services to take advantage of new enhanced features.

One of CallMiner’s goals with the newest update was to ensure their speech analytics program remained efficient and easy for companies to use. The added functionality of the software means that customers and calls can now be directed based on people’s conversational flow or specific talking behaviours. This is accomplished through the technology’s predefined analytical queries and language searches.

Meanwhile, analytics are actually being made simpler for agents to handle, with staff able to leverage various categories to use as building blocks for future and more complex searches. This means that lengthy queries don’t have to be coded. Instead, analysts can use Eureka’s current search logic and simply stitch various conversational components together.

Talking about the update, CallMiner’s vice president of Product, Erik Strand, explained: “The number one request from our customers, by far, was the addition of Semantic Building Blocks. One of the most exciting parts of this new feature is that it supports a ‘build once, use multiple’ paradigm, removing a lot of repetitive work from the equation, which makes the analytics process much quicker and easier.”

Call centres that want to enhance their current software will welcome the update. When used properly, it could help companies to improve their customer services tools more than ever.

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