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Staying on top : call centre services

Since 2003 here at Go Response we have grown our business year on year, providing award winning 24/7 telephone answering and outsourced call centre services. We have built our reputation through our fantastic range of services, delivered to the highest standard, across the UK.

With our customers kindly telling us how much we’ve helped them, or clients commenting on our reliable service, it would be easy to fall into the complacency trap. To avoid that we have introduced a number of metrics designed to help our call centre professionals do their job to the best of their abilities.

Here’s an indication of what we mean;

Quality scores – They provide the ability to look at the overall caller experience. Scores can be provided at a high level to track how well the centre is doing and they can also be taken down to agent level.

Customer Satisfaction – An oldie but a goodie! Looking at the percentage of customers that are happy. Simples!

Service Level – looks at the percentage of calls that are answered within a given time.

Average handling time – For many years the most widespread contact centre metric. It looks at the total amount of time that it takes to handle a call. This is a simple measure of efficiency. This measurement includes talk time, on-hold time as well as wrap-up time.

Utilisation – This metric looks at the total percentage of time that an agent is available to take a call.

By keeping a measurable record of our performance as a whole then we can only improve on the award winning call centre service we already deliver. For more information about the service we offer head over to our website.

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