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Stay competitive with AI and mobility

Customer RepresentativeTelephone answering services that want to stay ahead of the competition need to carefully follow consumer trends and be prepared to implement new technology, procedures and tactics when needed.

In 2016, artificial intelligence (AI) and mobility will become two major areas of increasing growth, and call centres must keep up with these trends if they want to remain current.

Over the past few years, AI has seen significant growth. For example, many call centres now use advanced speech analytics, an AI-driven tool that helps businesses trigger alerts and monitor consumer interactions.

Machine learning has become commonplace, with many companies using it to manage their contact centres and engage with customers. By 2019, the sector is expected to experience a 19.7 per cent growth rate and reach almost £10.7bn in value, so it is essential that companies keep up to date with the latest AI news.

Meanwhile, mobility is also set to increase. Whilst the topic is not new, 2016 will see more customers than ever demanding access to products, services and consumer care through their mobile devices.

Almost 50 per cent of inbound traffic already comes from mobile platforms, and this figure is expected to grow. As a result, app development will no longer be an afterthought; it will be something that is carefully planned from launch.

One of the toughest challenges will be streamlining the customer journey from app to live interaction. However, when this is done correctly, organisations will be able to engage with their consumers across mobile platforms and reap the rewards.

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