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Statistics reveal positive on-shore call centre gains

Traditionally, call centres were outsourced to companies overseas, often because of the great cost savings that could be made.  In the past few years, an increasing number of businesses have been moving their telephone answering services back to the UK.  With new statistics showing just how beneficial this move back home can be, many firms may be expected to re-evaluate their offshore operations.

In the CFI Group’s latest Contact Centre Customer Satisfaction Index, it was revealed that there are some significant differences between major call centre indicators depending on whether an answering service is at home or abroad.  First contact resolution, for example, is shown to be 67% effective within British call centres.  However, this percentage drops to just 50% for companies utilising centres abroad.  Ease of understanding is also essential for good customer service, and whilst onshore operatives achieve an 85% success rating, those abroad only gain 54%.  Finally, whilst overall customer satisfaction is 58% in call centres outsourced aboard, this rises to 79% at home.

With businesses focusing more on customer service than ever, it is vital to ensure that the best steps are being taken to benefit consumers.  Whilst offshore operations may be cheaper, it can prove costly in the long run with reduced customer satisfaction.  With the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development saying: “Companies are bringing back call centre operations to the UK from India.  Most of the companies that we deal with are looking to keep call centre staff in the UK wherever possible because there is a significant increase in the level of service and customer satisfaction provided,” it might be time to bring operations back to the UK.

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