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Start this year’s webchat with a positive spin

34 d2ViY2FtLmpwZw==Webchat is expected to be a big thing in 2015, with many more customers utilising the channel than before. For this reason, it is essential for call centres to get their webchat service right, ensuring they thrill consumers rather than frustrate them. Luckily, there are many ways to improve this channel, allowing telephone answering services to know they are doing their best.

One of the most important things for any channel is availability, and this has never been truer than with webchat. Customers expect to be able to log on and chat to an agent within minutes. If no one is available, it is a good idea to offer people a call-back so they don’t have to sit and wait. In addition, it is important to let people know that webchat is actually available; this can be done via an IVR message. When people call and discover they can chat with instant messaging instead, call queues might shrink as customers utilise other options.

When it comes to call centre management, it is important to recognise that some agents are only good on the phones whilst others excel in webchat. When recruiting new talent, it is important to assess people’s skills because they might be suited to one option more than another. In addition, poor telephone performers might excel in webchat, so it is a good idea to swap agents around and give them their chance to shine.

Finally, if high levels of webchat are being seen, it is important to realise that it could be due to a website fault. Websites are normally the gateway for the bulk of webchats, meaning that if people have to ask agents questions, the functionality of the website might be lacking.

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