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Stagger gifts for festive motivation

SuccessKeeping call centre agents motivated and engaged can be a hard task for many team managers, with some executives struggling to find ways to keep their employees on top form. As Christmas approaches, staff can easily get side-tracked by the festive period, and performance can drop as a result. However, instead of rewarding telephone answering services with one gift, a rising number of companies are choosing to stagger their rewards on either side of the holiday.

One of the main reasons for staggering rewards is to keep people motivated past the Christmas season and into January. To accomplish this, call centres can reward individuals both in December and January, with the latter gift helping to chase any January blues away. A bonus or other reward is a great way to start the year, and many people will appreciate it as a way to stay motivated through the cold winter days.

Christmas gifts and bonuses are often expected by staff members, so rewarding call centre agents with an unexpected treat can go a long way toward keeping people engaged with their job. Gifts should be chosen wisely, and the timing and communication of rewards should be carefully considered when starting a rewards scheme. However, when done well, call centres can help motivate staff, keep people happy in the New Year, and even reduce attrition rates to save money overall.

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